Saturday, 10 December 2011

Points decision victory for Peterson deserved

So now lets wait for "King Khan" to moan about having points deducted for clearly on 2 occasions going against the rules and on both occasions being found out the reality is that Amir Khan talked about wanting to become the 1st ever  best pound for pound fighter in the world who is British, will that happen after tonight's performance no, Khan did not take Peterson's offence seriously and so instead of fighting back Khan on occasions taunted then on occasions simply ran from the offence, Khan loses by a point 113-112 was the decision by two of the judges, and he was deducted two points but the reality is if you go against the rules like Khan has in nearly every fight, then one day you will be found out and punished and when that happens you cannot complain.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Long wait over, now lets talk football Euro 2012 England do not get your hopes up now.

With the busy international period once again proving successful for England after two victories over not only the world champions but also over a country which England had failed to beat in the last 38 years (12 games in total), the inevitable talk about how England will win Euro 2012 has hit the headlines, but when you analyse these two results the reality is that England might just not be that good enough.
 The game against Spain should have been an easy victory for a team which had in their starting line-up nine players who had played and won in the World cup final in Johannesburg just over a year ago, but that did not happen Frank Lampard scoring the easiest goal he will ever score, followed by resolute defending resulted in England and more importantly English fans suddenly believing that if England can beat Spain then England can defeat any country in the world, so by that logic Costa Rica who were 2-0 at one point during the match and were just seconds away from a famous upset victory only to concede to a David Villa hence drew with Spain yesterday in an enthralling game, will surely now believe they can draw with any country in the world right? Of course not they realised that Spain’s manager Vincent del Bosque was rotating his squad making sure he gives the players who will only get a place on the bench a chance (okay so the players may include Fabregas, Torres and Reina), but still del Bosque used both friendlies to use his whole squad of players, so England may have beaten a good Spanish team but England beat a team which at half-time had withdrawn (Silva, Xavi and Casillas), and the tactics by England were simple throughout the whole game, defend, defend, defend then attack corners and free-kicks, credit to England for the win but did this win prove the critics that England can play attractive football and gain results in a word no.
As for the result against Sweden, England were of course more attack minded, and did at times impress but Sweden had their moments and caused a few moments of panic for fans at Wembley stadium, another point that has to be made is that both victories were at home, England are slowly making Wembley a fortress, but away from Wembley England look less assured, although performances and results since the World Cup have been impressive. The problem for England is for every Spain win, there’s a draw against Ghana to remember, and for every win against Sweden there’s still the memories of England being dismantled in Bloemfontein by Germany.
In conclusion England did win two tough home games and the performances by a number of youth players showed that England do have a good crop of youth players coming through as well (Jones, Rodwell in particular) along with the impressive under-21 squad, but the Euro 2012 fixtures start in seven long months enough time for crucial players to gain injuries, enough time for England to have an in-house argument, though these incidents may never occur, and other countries may be significantly weaker than they are now by the time Euro 2012 starts officially, it is too early to say England will win Euro 2012.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The champions league, why it is much closer than anyone else thinks.

The Beauty of Barcelona Fc, are unstoppable they have Villa, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta but you could say the same for players such as Giggs, Nani, Valencia and of course Rooney, Barcelona seem to only have one tactic and that is attack so if Manchester United attack as well unlike nearly all of the La Liga teams who seem incapable to even threaten the Barca goal, then Man Utd will have a chance

The game will end in my opinion 3-2 to Man Utd

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Why Wheater showed his club dignity and Bent failed

So this is the first of many transfer in a long line that come under the shock title Bent says that he made his mind up immediately because Aston Villa are a bigger club really? or was it the simple fact Randy Learner was willing to put his hand in his pocket to make him one of the highest paid players in not only England but now the world? As for David Wheater I must respect his decision he stayed and gave everything he had for Middlesbrough and when Middlesbrough accepted the bid from Bolton he went not before. One has to question why Darren Bent was acting so weird ever since Sunderland beat Aston Villa at Villa park not so long ago, maybe it was then that Bent learned he could double his weekly wage?

Monday, 29 November 2010

why the premier league is at its best

So Man Utd have dropped points to West Brom who in turn dismantled Arsenal while Chelsea are destroyed by Sunderland, and lets include Liverpool who realised that Blackpool is not just a joke, the reason for these results and a table being so compact it is near untrue, is that in the summer the big teams did not spend big, so while Real Madrid bought Ozil, and Barcelona bought Villa, it was Man Utd who bought an unknown unproven striker in Hernandez and Chelsea bought Ramieres, but that is not the only reason in fact it is the likes of Sunderland who parted with £13 million that's double what Man Utd spent for Hernandez, all in all we are finding out that the big 4 is no longer that and the gap is closing, not only in terms of spending but now and more crucially in terms of points.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

why referees going on strike might be good news

So Scottish football is on the brink of cancelling this weekends games of football, because the referees feel that the abuse they get is going over the limit and in comparison to the English game they are right, in England at the worst an article in the paper may occur, but in Scotland the word death comes into play, the fact is that this mistrust all started because of the Dundee United vs Celtic incident and from that moment on there has been nothing but mistrust, what would be nice to see is that some other countries lot of referees come in, and they make a mistake then the fans will see what happens.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

something different

While many may argue that wrestling is not a sport, because it is staged i had the privilege of watching a show called TNA, although I have seen the WWE which is the biggest wrestling company in the world today with such events as the royal rumble and sumerslam and of course Wrestlmania, TNA has gripped me for the past 2 years, and that is because it is different the wrestlers who are slowly becoming recognised names such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, and of course the only man who wrestlers today with a gold medal round his neck Kurt Angle, in fact since his arrival in 2006 I believe that he has not had one bad fight, his commitment to the sport is astounding he had a broken neck while winning the Olympic gold, and with TNA's viewing figures going up by around 150% in Britain this year, change might just be happening, if only TNA could focus more on the youth MCMG and generation me, and less on the experience Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff then maybe the future of TNA will be bright, and the change that is being promised will be a positive one.